Meet our artists



Born in Bulgaria, where he began his tattoo career in 1998, Svetlyo was part of the birth of the Bulgarian tattoo culture and the first generation of professional tattoo artists in the country. He quickly began to gain notoriety by appearing on television, as well as in various press publications and that helped expand the popularity of tattooing on a national level. At that time tattooing was taboo and only few people performed tattooing professionally. Never the less he managed to create a unique style in color tattooing that led to his first tattoo competition award at the early age of 18.  

In 2006 Bulgaria wasn't enough, and Svetlyo moved his practice to  Sweden, where he opened the original Dream Masters Custom Tattoos. In the following years, he succeeded to expand his Swedish company and opened two more locations. Inevitably that led to wide European recognition for his unique style and that made the foundation and the style of his brand solidified.

In 2010 after achieving his success overseas, Svetlyo opened Dream Masters Custom Tattoos Sweden in the North Beach district of San Francisco, California. With his previous experience under his belt, Svetlyo managed to establish a high-end tattoo parlor with a unique style and spirit. He is still trying to move forward by breaking the status quo of everyday tattooing.

​Awards throughout the years:

- Best Asian Tattoo, First Place in Santa Cruz 2020

- Best Tattoo Parlor in San Francisco 2019

- Second Place Best Small Black And Gray San Francisco 2018  

- First Place Best Small Color Honolulu HI 2017

- Third Place in Prison Ink Denmark Best of Saturday 2017

- Best Tattoo Parlor in San Francisco 2016

- First Place Best Asian Tattoo in San Francisco 2015

- Best Tattoo Parlor in San Francisco 2015

- Best Tattoo Parlor in San Francisco 2014

- First Place Best Small Color Tattoo – San Francisco 2014

- Best Tattoo Parlor in San Francisco 2013

- First Place for a Color Tattoo – San Francisco 2013

– First Prize for Small Color Tattoo – 2012, Body Art Expo, San Francisco

– First Prize for Small Color Tattoo – 2012, Nunez Tattoo Convention, San Francisco, Bay Area

– Best of Show – 2012, Nunez Tattoo Convention, San Francisco, Bay Area

– Second Place for Best Black and Grey – Dala tattoo convention 2008, Sweden

– Third Place for Most Realistic Tattoo – 2004, Bulgaria

– Third Place for Special Female Tattoo – 2004, Bulgaria

– First Place for Color Tattoo – National tattoo fest 2003, Bulgaria



Gabriel Keeling is a Bay Area Local, Born and raised in Concord. He has a professional tattoo experience of 8 years and has worked at shops all across the Bay Area.  When he’s not tattooing, he’s busy taking care of his two children and building artistic and original tattoo machines.

Although he specializes mainly in black and grey realism, he is comfortable in almost any style and would be more than happy to help you fall in love with your next tattoo.

His primary goal in tattooing is to ensure that you leave your session with a tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life!


Alex came to San Francisco from Germany but was born and raised in Russia by a family of artists. At a young age, his father taught him to master his drawing, painting, and sculpting skills.

Alex graduated from The School of Fine Arts with an academic degree. He has been tattooing for seven years, tackling many styles, and he specializes in black and gray realism. Alex takes great care in his approach to every project, to accentuate the individual's natural composition and flow of their anatomy and the individual's personal preferences and overall look and feel of the piece.

To Alex, flawless execution is the only way.


Nicole is a gifted San Francisco-based tattoo artist with multiple layers of art education traversing all media from fine art and anatomy to glassblowing and dressmaking. She has developed her skillset specializing in black and gray realism and micro-realism and has begun her evolution into studying color.

Her devotion to each project embodies the philosophy of our mission statement and caters to each individual's experience. Working with Nicole is always an enjoyable experience. She is light-hearted and personable. Whether you are getting your first tattoo or are already a seasoned client, you’ll feel confident and optimistic in each stage of the process.