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What is Inktrek's Zigzag?

The tattoo needles we truly love! Five years research and testing:

What is Zigzag?

Most people would say something that moves right and left alternatingly. Some people might say the famous papers for rolling joints and tabacco! Our answer is that it's the movement made to saturate ink under the skin.

I am Svetlyo, the founder of Inktrek and creator of Zigzag. I learned how to tattoo in Europe, at a time with few available resources, a time before the internet. Back then, there weren't many people tattooing so it was hard to find someone willing to teach or show me anything about tattooing because of a fear of getting his/her craft stolen. Tattoo magazines were a primary source of knowledge, or the other option was to go get a tattoo by someone and observe the technique closely. But don't dare to ask any questions for risk of offending the artist and getting kicked out with an unfinished tattoo!

Enter my personal hero: Filip Leu. I remember so clearly the day I saw one of his tattoos on my friend, another tattoo artist. It was unlike anything we had ever seen--it was PHENOMENAL, and our excitement shot through the roof! My friend said that Filip had used zigzag and circular hand motions throughout the piece, to make the colors pop. That day, I tried this technique on myself and have been using and perfecting the same hand motions ever since.

After having opened several successful tattoo shops and a tattoo supply company, I had so many ideas on how to improve the existing cartridges on the market. It seemed far-fetched as I didn't know how to make this actually happen, but, to make a very long story short: through rigorous research, much trial and error, extreme difficulties finding quality manufacturers, I am happy and proud to present to you: Zigzag cartridges!

Strict quality control is our first priority--highest quality at affordable prices. Next of importance is the precision of needles, the softness of the membrane, and stability while working. Sixty-one variations for every style of tattooing. Designed and crafted in San Francisco. 



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