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In Bulgaria, where he began his tattoo career in 1998, Svetlyo was part of the birth of the Bulgarian tattoo culture and the first generation of professional tattoo artists in the country. He quickly began to gain notoriety by appearing on television, as well as in various press publications and that helped expand the popularity of tattooing on a national level. At that time tattooing was taboo and only few people performed tattooing professionally. Never the less he managed to create a unique style in color tattooing that led to his first tattoo competition award at the early age of 18. 


In 2006 Bulgaria wasn't enough, and Svetlyo moved his practice to  Sweden, where he opened the original Dream Masters Custom Tattoos. In the following years, he succeeded to expand his Swedish company and opened two more locations. Inevitably that led to wide European recognition for his unique style and that made the foundation and the style of his brand solidified.


In 2010 after achieving his success overseas, Svetlyo opened Dream Masters Custom Tattoos Sweden in the North Beach district of San Francisco, California. With his previous experience under his belt, Svetlyo managed to establish a high-end tattoo parlor with a unique style and spirit. He is still trying to move forward by breaking the status quo of everyday tattooing.

Interested in booking a project with Svetlyo, click here   


He is currently taking new clients. Feel free to contact us about scheduling appointments.

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