Doc Patel

Svetlyo is a treasure so rare the only comparison I can think of is a 1-in-a-trillion asteroid that crosses paths with a celestial body. The resulting bang gives breath and life to his art. He is not bound by specific styles or genres. Rather, Svetlyo's art feels driven by his life experience injected under the skin. The result is personalized and inspired creations of celestial proportions. Like Shelly's Frankenstein, Svetlyo's designs transcend into a make-believe world where tattoo art is unbound.

His practice parallels the Japanese art of wabi-sabi. Imperfections in the human form are intricately woven into designs that morph into tattoos so unique they defy and challenge the works of the most accomplished of artists. And perhaps the most subtle yet profound element of his art is the love that emanates from each prick of the needle. Through this enchanted lens, Svetlyo injects his entire being into his art. The result is a canvas kissed by heaven: an explosion of color, light, and all things magical.

Jasmine Vital Muniz

I came into my first consultation feeling extremely nervous and intimidated. Not only do Svetlyo and the entire shop's reputations precede them, but this was my first custom tattoo. The weight of its significance, added to my inexperience in the tattooing community, made me feel very much out of my league.

However, all of that faded away as soon as I walked into the shop. I was immediately greeted by Nicole and Svetlyo and I vividly remember them doing everything to make me feel comfortable and welcome. Maybe they could tell I was so nervous, or maybe it was just in their warm nature. Either way, I knew I was in the right place.

That feeling only grew as Svetlyo and I discussed ideas for my design. Throughout the entire process of getting this tattoo, Svetlyo was able to simultaneously contribute his artistic insight and honor my personal preferences to masterfully create a unique and beautiful piece that I am proud to wear on me forever.

Each session, my tattoo took on more meaning and more life, in no small part due to Svetlyo's ability to connect with people. His passion for his craft shines through his desire to understand and empathize with his clients. He never came off as disingenuous, on the contrary, he was always able to offer both extremely thoughtful and thought-provoking conversations.

I left my last session not just with an amazing piece of art on my arm but a warm, meaningful memory tied to it.

I can't recommend them enough.

Ruo Xie

Svetlyo came highly recommended by a close friend who had seen his work. If you want my testimonial brief, it's this: Two full sleeves later, I am going in for another piece to cover my chest.

If you want more details, I scheduled a consultation and gave him some ideas on what I was thinking. When I went to see him for my first session, he had mapped out his vision on his iPad and I told him to run with it. I spent countless hours in his chair, learning about him and his fascinating life experiences.

This was when I grew a genuine respect for him as a real-life Dream Master, but also as an upright, intelligent, and passionate human being. That is why he is so good at what he does -- because he takes everything he has inside of him and has it radiate out through his work. I cannot get enough. Trust me when I say he will make your tattoo dreams come to fruition through his work.