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We are a small custom boutique tattoo shop that was originally founded in 2006 in Ulricehamn, Sweden. We started with a mission, that expanded to our HQ in 2010 to the heart of the tattoo industry - San Francisco, California.


At Dream Masters, we strive to create a truly unique experience for our clients. We start with an in-depth consultation to eliminate the "tattoo regret factor." We draft a custom digital design version of your tattoo idea on a picture of you. This is the best way to envision how your tattoo will look before you get it! That innovative process eliminates any doubt, insecurity, and enables the client to better understand how their tattoo project will look - a major improvement from traditional tattoo designing techniques.


We know that each client is unique and requires special attention. As such we spend quality time to connect with our clients for a better understanding of who they are in order to create the perfect design for them. Our goal is to produce timeless tattoos through a meaningful experience. We are stranding away from fashion-inspired and spur of the moment pieces. The Dream Master's process ensures our customers are comfortable and excited during their time here. 


Our mission is simple - make tattoos you will never regret!

Inside the shop:


For ten years, we have superseded any health code requirements and guidelines, the strive for highest hygiene standards has been our top priority. In the midst of this pandemic, we had to come up even more efficient way to do our job safer.

As the new guidelines for protecting against COVID 19 are advancing, we decided to do an extra layer of protection for our clients.

We implemented both UV and UVC sterilization lamps throughout our shop and directly over our work stations. We use UVC to irradiate workstations for 30 min before and after each client. The UV lights are used for eight hours prior to opening. 

This process is making every service sterile and free of contaminates. We use PPE for setting up, breaking down, and during your tattoo appointment.


We only work by appointments to try to limit any unnecessary contacts and we urge people to self evaluate for any symptoms before coming into their appointments!