Dream Masters Tattoos
San Francisco Bay Area

Dream Masters is a small custom boutique tattoo shop. We are passionate about our approach to an idea we call no-regret tattoos. Visit us in the heart of San Francisco.

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About Us

We are a small custom boutique tattoo shop that was originally founded in 2006 in Ulricehamn, Sweden. We started with a mission, that expanded to our HQ in 2010 to the heart of the tattoo industry - San Francisco, California.

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Meet Our Artists

What our clients say

Doc Patel

Svetlyo is a treasure so rare the only comparison I can think of is a 1-in-a-trillion asteroid that crosses paths with a celestial body. The resulting bang gives breath and life to his art. He is not bound by specific styles or genres. Rath

Ruo Xie

Svetlyo came highly recommended by a close friend who had seen his work. If you want my testimonial brief, it's this: Two full sleeves later, I am going in for another piece to cover my chest. If you want more details, I scheduled a consul